Fireback plate Edge 70 x 50

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Cast iron Fireback of Lunaway well as being a precious ornament ensure greater life to the hearth thanks to impressive quality of the iron, which stores and reflects heat long after you turn off the fire.

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The Edge series slabs are ideal for embellishing the walls of fireplaces thanks to their special design, which allows them to be installed both vertically and horizontally as well as front and back, according to preference.

In addition, the special surface is designed to increase the radiating surface and resistance compared to traditional slate slabs.

Dimensions cm 70 x 50 h x 1 (thickness)

Stores and reflects heat for a long time: cast iron is an excellent heat conductor and offers high resistance to wear and corrosion.

Particularly suitable for high-performance heating in fireplaces, stoves and thermo-fireplaces.

Cast iron slabs diffuse heat by radiation, accumulating heat and gradually releasing it into the environment even after the firebox has been turned off.

Durability: Cast iron slabs have a very long life. We can still find original 18th century cast iron plates in some of the buildings of the time.

It is a matter of following a few simple steps.

+ Install with expansion in mind.

+ Avoid putting the fire out with water.

+ At the end of each season, remove ash deposits with an iron brush.

A more beautiful and functional fireplace: we recommend covering it entirely with cast iron; this will protect both the firebox area, preventing the inside from crumbling, and the walls.

The suggested height is at least 50 cm, enough to cover the open flame. If the fireplace allows it, it is advisable to install higher gables to better recover the heat and completely cover the masonry or refractory part for a better aesthetic result and easier cleaning.

For correct installation we recommend installing the base first and then the gables and side panels. The base does not need to be fixed, its own weight is sufficient, but it must be placed flat and if necessary a bed of sand must be placed on it, which will help to level it and enhance the heat refraction properties of the cast iron.

If, on the other hand, we wish to use GRAPIN or GRASTAR, we must first drill a hole in the slab at the top with a diameter 11 iron drill bit (or request a hole when ordering), then insert the brackets and clamp the slab.

the slab. If you want to install slabs with a negative slope, holes must be drilled in all four corners.

The boards can be fixed in different ways. With the GRA or GRALILY clamps we will position the slabs slightly inclined and after making the holes in the refractory, we will insert the clamps and clamp the slab, leaving a tolerance of a few millimetres for expansion.

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